Six Lanes of 24/7 Shooting

With Electronic Retrieving Targets

Indoor Shooting Range

Private to Members and Their Guests

KRPC members enjoy shooting on a well-ventilated 6 lane indoor range. All the lanes are equiped with an easy to use target retrieval systems. The range is private to KRPC members and their guests. Overlooking the range is our staging room, which contains the lockers and the sign-in book. A gun rest is also available.

Range Rules

  • Use common sense and shoot safely.
  • No alcohol is allowed on the clubhouse premises. No intoxicated individauls will be allowed on the range. Alcohol and firearms do not mix.
  • No smoking is allowed in the clubhouse.
  • Always lock the entrance door behind you when entering the range.
  • No loaded firearms in the class room or in the staging room (excluding concealed firearms).
  • Members may bring guests, but the same guest only one time per year. Guest must fill out a liability waiver located in the staging room.
  • Shoot only your target. Do not shoot the walls, ceiling, center posts or the lane numbers. Cameras are watching you!
  • Accepted calibers are posted on the "Permitted Caliber List"
  • Each shooter is responsible for policing their own brass. Place brass in properly marked barrel. Please leave the range neater than you found it.
  • Range or classroom has to be reserved for special events authorized by the Board or the President.
  • Be sure to close the vents, shut off fan & lights and make sure the door closes and locks when you leave.
  • This is your range. Treat it as you would your own property. Take care of it and everyone will be able to enjoy it.
  • Rule violations will result in membership suspension or revocation. Violations will be handled by the KRPC Board on a case by case basis.

Permitted Caliber List for Indoor Range

  • 22 Rimfire (Short, Long, or Long Rifle)
  • 380 Auto
  • 25 Auto
  • 41 Magnum
  • 44 Magnum
  • 38 Super
  • 38 Special
  • 357 Magnum
  • 357 SIG
  • 10 MM
  • 32 ACP
  • 9 MM
  • 44 Special
  • 40 Smith & Wesson
  • 45 ACP
  • 45 GAP
  • 45 Long Colt
  • 460 Rowland

NOT ALLOWED: 22 Magnum, center-fire rifle cartridges, shot guns or black powder guns. The only long guns allowed are 22 rimfire, short, long, or long rifle.

All jacketed bullets must be lead core. No steel core or steel jacketed ammo can be used. Nothing with a power factor above that of a 44 magnum is allowed. Use target loads on the range. It makes no sense to use max loads indoors.



The Kossuth Rifle and Pistol Club is not responsible for your safety. Please follow all safety rules and think before you act.